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15  Wedding Money Saving Tips

by Judith Rivers-Moore, The WeddingLinks Coach

Each of us seeks methods to keep our wedding and reception in the budget range.  

We have found these money saving tips do work and no one notices.

  1. The Wedding Dress: Purchase a less expensive plain white dress and buy appliques at a yardage shop by the yard to enhance the dress with simple stitches. This can change a $500 dress into a $5,000 dress quickly.  Shop the wedding dress sales.  50% off does help your budget.  Head to the Nearly New/Used Shops.  Borrow A Wedding Dress.
  2. Formal wear:  Suits often go on sale, there are tuxedo sales also.  July and January are often good sales.
  3. Wedding Flowers:  Expand the flowers for table décor and the ceremony with 2/3 greenery to 1/3 flowers.  Use mirror rounds under the flowers to expand their appearance on tables.  Have the bridesmaids carry one long-stemmed flower keyed into your wedding bouquet. #5 Selecting “in-season” flowers for your bouquets and décor can save you up to a third of the costs.
  4. Makeup & Hair Stylist:  Learn how to do your makeup prior to the event date and complete your own prior to putting on your gown.  The major department stores have makeup bars and stylists.  This video may assist:    Bridal Makeup Tutorial      Wedding Makup
  5. Wedding Planners:  Hiring an event coordinator will often save you time (time is money) and funds by selecting from his/her recommendations of experienced vendors and offering ways to save. Most specialize in cutting costs and sticking to your budget.
  6. Wine & Champagne:  Take advantage of wine sales the months prior to the wedding day.
  7. Wedding Location Fees: can be less when you host your event mid-week or on a Friday or Sunday.
  8. Assist From Family Members: When evaluating the funds available for the wedding and reception, take into consideration the people in your circle of family and friends who can do the vendor work as part of their gift to you.
  9. Caterers:  Plated meals are often less expensive.  Hors d oeuvres are as expensive as a full meal.  The more guests, the higher price, and staff are added to the final bill.  Catering, wedding/event planner, food, alcohol and bar and bartenders, party rentals combined can save you, but make certain each of the services they use are quality businesses.  Caterers do gain discounts under their umbrella hat.
  10. Cakes & Desserts: Shop for a specific price per slice on your cake. This can range from $3. to 9. per slice.  The size of the formal cake can be smaller and use sheet cakes for serving the guests.
  11.  A Band or a DJ:  is often countered with “a D.J. is only one or two meals extra, but a band can be 5 or 15 meals.” Negotiate to not feed the band a full meal, but a nice boxed lunch. Some will agree.  
  12. Vendors:  Do require a "Break Table", with water or soft drinks.  Most do not require a full meal.  Save money with negotiation on each contract you sign with this.
  13. Photographers:  Have the photographer shoot only the formal shots. They are on site for approximately two hours.  Ask a qualified friend take the rest of the day with a high-resolution camera.   The table instant cameras are considered a waste of time and money with today's ability to take photos with smartphones and email them to you.
  14. Wedding Favors:  Ordering these online can save you funds.  Make your own from these.       5 Fun To Make Favor Ideas
  15. TUX Rentals:  Some tux and formal wear companies give the tux free for the groom when they bring four or more men in to be fitted for a wedding.

Copyright 2010, JR Publications

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