Wedding Photographer's List

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Wedding Photographer's List

by Judith Rivers-Moore, The WeddingLinks Coach

We see wedding photographers expanding their expertise.  Many will complete the engagement photos, a boudoir photo session, later the baby and children's photography and family or business photos.   Other specialize in business photos, models & real estate.   Some professionals combine their business with videographers - making your wedding photos quite complete.

Leaving it up to our list may not be the answers.  Most of the experts will be flexible and creative with the specific requests you have.  Share your ideas of the particular memories you want to collect for your wedding photo album. This album is often what is left of the cake, the food and dance music are gone.....but the album reflects the day and the celebration. Each wedding is different -- even though a specific set of photos may be requested. You will need to think long and hard about which photos you want to be taken and if you and your sweetheart want to have your formals taken prior to the wedding, or during, some time between the wedding and reception -- and for how long a time segment.

For instance: As a recent bride, and being a second marriage it was a learning experience again to have photos taken that would reflect our unique situation! We especially wanted the grandchildren photographed as they participated, and a family gathering of both clans in one shot -- which was not easy... considering we have five children and they have spouses and children. We did not want to keep our guests waiting for the reception as it was a late afternoon ceremony and a sunset reception. We opted to have our formals taken prior to the wedding. I love flowers and wanted close-ups of the tables and bouquets which we had spent special time in selecting. We also wanted the sunset vineyard photos. Consequently, the list was different for our very talented photographer.  

Another instance for another couple: The bridesmaids were to do a specific musical dance during the reception and photos and video were requested for this entire sequence.

Another instance for another couple: It was a theme wedding and all guest attending were to wear a costume. The bride had a formal photographer to follow she and her husband and a candid photographer take photos of the guests and their costumes.

Another instance for another couple: A young friend knew her mom was terminally ill and requested her attendant move specific guests to sit with her mom and the photographer came back and took those shots throughout the day....thus she had a real journal of her mom with her friends beside her during the event.


___Bride at breakfast

___ Bride getting dressed

___ Mother adjusting bride's veil

___ Bride with Special Visitors to the Brides dressing area

___ Bride with Mother

___ Bride with Father

___ Bride with Step Parents

___ Bride with attendants -- serious --fun

___ Bride with bouquet

___ Bride with attendants & bouquets

___ Bride leaving home in dress

___ Bride & Family getting into cars -- going to ceremony

___ Groom alone

___ Groom with parents

___ Groom with attendants

___ Groom with mother adjusting his tie or hanky

___ Groom with best man

___ Ushers getting boutonnieres or fun and funky photo


Guests outside the site

___ Bride and Father getting out of the car

___ Bride alone waiting

___ Bride and Father waiting to go down the aisle

___ Ushers escorting guests to seats

___ Grooms parents being seated

___ Soloists and organist-musicians

___ Mother of the Bride going down the aisle

___ Guest Book attendee

___ Groom & ushers at altar or in procession

___ Candle Lighters

___ Flower Girl going down the aisle

___ Honor attendants

___ Ring Bearer going down the aisle

___ Each bridesmaid

___ Groom taking Brides hand

___ Father giving bride

___ Altar or Huppah during the ceremony

___ Ring Ceremony

___ Bride & Groom exchanging vows

___ Readers

___ The Kiss

___ The Recessional

___ Bride and Groom coming back down the aisle

___ Witnesses signing the license

___ Bride and Groom signing the license

___ Bride and Groom in Receiving Line or with each guest

___ Bride and groom leaving for reception

___ Bride & Groom through back window of the car

___ Guests throwing rose petals or

bird seed or blowing bubbles

POSED FORMAL PHOTOS (candles should be lit -- if used)

Bride and Groom

___ Bride Alone

___ Groom with parents

___ Bride with her parents

___ Bride with her children

___ Bride with Children Attendants

___ Bride & Groom with grandparents

___ Bride and Groom with Honor Attendants

___ Bride with all Bridesmaids

___ Bride & Groom with all Bridesmaids

___ Groom with Ushers

___ Attendants bustling Bride's dress

___ Bride removing veil


Bride & Groom's car arriving

___ Getting out of the car

___ Going into the reception area

___ The receiving line poses

___ Casual

___ Candids

___ Table settings

___ Close-ups of Decor

___ Food on the buffet table

___ Bride and Groom seated with plates

___ Bride & Groom at the buffet table

___ Bride & Groom with attendants at the head table

___ Each Parents Table

___ Bride & Father dancing

___ Groom and Mother dancing

___ Musicians performing

___ Cake Table

___ Best Man giving Toast

___ Bride & Groom Toasting

___ Cake Cutting

___ Bride & Groom Feeding the Cake

___ The bouquet toss

___ The garter removal

___ The garter toss

___ Romantic kiss or looks

___ Wedding party decorating the car

___ Couple saying goodbye to guests

___ Getting In the Car to Leave

Fun Photo Additions  & UNIQUE PHOTO OPPORTUNITIES For Your Book

The Bachelor Party, The Bachelorette Party, Rehearsal Dinner Party

Couples often put instant cameras or ask guests to use their smartphone photos throughout the reception. (It is very intrusive when cell phone photos are being taken during the ceremony. )  You can discourage this with a line in your wedding program.  All can be sent to you later.

___ Use your smartphone for a cute selfie as your car ... as you leave the scene

___ Important to have your camera on your honeymoon.