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COIVD 19... Corona Virus & Canceling Weddings

CIt is very disappointing to cancel any engagement and wedding celebration, or a much looked forward to honeymoon. There are many concerns for couples delaying your wedding. The bills, lost jobs and possibly, lost deposits for vendors. It is a very difficult time and we trust you and your families are well and can cope through all of the Corona Virus concerns.

We find the wedding and events industry professionals are mostly independent contractors and like many, left with no work or income. Also the locations are also ill prepared for these challenges given by the COVID 19. None of these circumstances are their fault. They too are disappointed and trying to cope.

We would like to recommend the following:

  • Postponing and utilizing the vendors and sites at a later date.
  • Negotiate fairly with your vendors over deposits and payments made.
  • Call or send postpone cards to your guests.
  • Understanding the health of the nation’s young and old depends on your patience and actions.
  • Consider writing about this and tucking it in your memory book.
  • Please ...Take a deep breath and be at peace that this too will pass. & wish you the very best at strengthening your love for one another at this time.

Video on Canceling A Couples Wedding Map Video on Corona Virus

As a wedding book publisher and blogger on weddings, I know how hard this is on a couple and their families.

I have added some links to very interesting “subject articles” below:

The first is written by our granddaughter who had to cancel her reception It appeared in various newspapers including the New York Times. this text to start editing. This block is a basic combination of a title and a paragraph. Use it to welcome visitors to your website, or explain a product or service without using an image. Try keeping the paragraph short and breaking off the text-only areas of your page to keep your website interesting to visitors.