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Questions To Ask The Party Rental                            LIST OF ITEMS TO RENT            

Each company we have found is different.  Look for a highly recommended party rental company for your wedding. will assist and we do not link business that are less than five years old.

TIP:  If you are working with a full-service caterer, they often can get the party rentals at a discount... it may not be the same company you desire to work with.  

Make a list of your needs for the ceremony and the reception.

Know your number of guests for selecting tables, chairs, dining.

If you are planning an outdoor wedding and live in a rainy climate, you will want to reserve a tent for your wedding.  Some wedding venues have their own tents and will put them up with weather concerns.   

If you are planning to put up a tent, you must provide a diagram of the water sprinkling system on the grounds or lawns.


  1. Do they have a coordinator/staff to work with personally?
  2. Are they available on the date you will be wed?
  3. What exact time will the delivery be made and is there a person to call if something is missing from the order. 
  4. Is everything you requested printed in the contract?
  5. What is the deposit amount and what is the payment policy?
  6.      What is the final date you can call in your number of guests for the table, chair, and linen and serving items count?
  7. Does the delivery expect a tip, or is that included in the fee.

It is very important to look closely at the upkeep and repair of a product when you select.  We suggest when the delivery is made, you photograph any dent or damage to show it was already there when delivered.  


Remember If you’re serving cake, you will need an extra set of plates and forks to serve it with!

Have you ever wondered why most weddings and events feature floor length tablecloths? Standard event/rental tables are…ugly, even when they’re not beat up. You pretty much have to cover them up. 

Prices Vary For Party Rentals Nationwide & Other Countries

These companies stay closely in touch with the TRENDS

  • Bar Set-up Items & Portable Bars
  • China, Glass, Tableware, Utensils, Table top Decor
  • Chairs & Tables
  • Drape & Swagging Decor
  • Lighting, Power Equipment & Audio
  • Catering, Buffet, and Kitchen Items
  • Dance Floor, Stage Floor & Equipment
  • Furniture & Lounge Decor
  • Linens
  • Tenting & Canopies & Umbrellas
  • Wedding Arches & Pergolas

When a Party Rental Company does not have exactly what you want, then shop around.  Some companies do not carry a large inventory and will rent from another local company.