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Cutting the cake and feeding your spouse is a tradition and ritual of love and Promise for a lifetime of feeding and providing for one another.  If a cake is to be cut, Etiquette dictates that the bride place her hand on the cake-cutting knife and the groom put his hand over hers. Make two smooth cuts in the bottom tier of the cake, then carefully remove the slice onto a plate. It's proper for the groom to gently feed his bride the first bite, and then she can do the same.

Cutting large wedding cakes should be completed by someone with knowledge and experience. It is an art form to cut the cake sizes for the number of guests. The cake may not go as far as hoped, or you may have too much left over.  This person takes over cutting the cake after the newlyweds have completed the cake cutting ceremony. 

Our recent look at wedding desserts finds a variety of fun ideas.  Along with beautiful cakes, we see petit fours, individually decorated, cupcake trees, tuxedo strawberries, hand painted icing flowers, wedding cookies, chocolate fountains with fresh fruit and the classic frozen Dove Bars are leading the trends. 


Dessert tables or stations with a variety of items for people to choose from are taking the place of the layered and tiered cakes. Brides and grooms opt for a decorated one-layer cake to cut for the ceremony photo and then provide an array of celebration dessert ideas for their guests.

The New York cheesecake still reigns a favorite with deserved applause for the variety of recipes and flavors to be enjoyed today.

The Stacked Cake is in and often completed from a square, heart shaped or hexagon baking tin. 50% more of the orders appear to be chocolate or at least one layer of chocolate.  Traditional fruit cake and grooms cakes are still being done along with ethnic favorites.  The cream puff style and black forest cake and tortes are high on the list. Gaining popularity is the red velvet cake and solid apple cake. 


White on white seems to be less popular, the fondant or icing pastels and roses plus hand made flowers appear consistently on the icings. The new excitement is the icings requested in lime green, hot pink and orange. The bright colors are often brought forth with all types of flowers; cascades of roses, orchids, and theme or unique or personal message cake toppers.

Predominate for cakes, you will find a variety of fillings with raspberry, coconut, passion fruit, mango, mocha, almond, strawberry, ganache, chocolate fudge and apricot appearing at the top of the order list.


Get the guest moving is the new goal of a wedding. They move through the food line, the drink line, the cake or dessert & coffee line, cigars and port line – around the room to mingle and visit at the food stations.

We see brides opt for individual table cakes with a two-tiered cake for the bride and groom to cut.

The dessert/cake table is a centerpiece of the reception and should be decorated accordingly with a long cloth, flowers, rose petals, candles, and cutting instruments. We often see the bridesmaid's bouquet lain here.

In the 90’s we often saw cake smeared, but that too is going out of the picture.