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Questions To Ask The Floral Designer & Wedding Florist

Learn More About Flowers Before You Begin

TRADITIONS & FLOWER MEANINGS                                            BOUQUET  STYLES  &  FLOWER  PHOTOS

Before You Sit Down With a Specific Florist - Shop Around For The Type Of Florist You Desire

The only ones the groom pays for (according to USA tradition) are your wedding bouquet and the mother’s corsages, 

so most of the flower budget is the brides.

A Floral Designer is an artist that uses plant materials and flowers to create pleasing and balanced compositions. They typically design arrangements for weddings, parties and other special events.

A Full-Service Florist completes all types of flower designs and deliveries for every type of event and special days.  Some will do very nice weddings and sometimes they are floral designers.

A Grocery Store Florist often has a great deal of knowledge and completes flowers for smaller weddings.

Shopping For A Florist

  • Decide what amount of budget you are using for this. (4% to 7% is average)
  • Ask for referral names from family and friends.
  • Decide on two or three florists in your area and set appointments for consultations
  • Bring into your interview some basic information on what you want from the florist.  
  • The following is a list of what ceremonies and receptions can require:

your colors and styles, possible a photo of what you like, bridal bouquet, the number of bridesmaid bouquets, the number of groomsmen, decoration of flowers for the ceremony and for the reception, corsages for mothers and grandmothers, plus the fathers of bride & groom.

When You Interview A Florist and You Want What She Can Create For you, ask her for a bid on your job. 

Never ask more than 3 florists for a bid.  If you really want the higher priced florist, then ask if there is a way

to lower the cost of her bid/proposal.  Negotiation does work. 

You want to ask:

  • The number of weddings the florist has completed. (You want someone with experience)
  • Can the wedding ceremony flowers be used in the reception room?
  • Does the shop deliver and set up the flowers?  Is there an extra charge.
  • What day do they go to the flower market for your flowers?  (you want fresh flowers - no 3 or 5-day old flowers)
  • Does she/he have recommendations from prior wedding clients?  (you will also want to check the Yelp reviews)

This list can be a bit overwhelming but it indicates the many floral items there are to decide upon. 

Pre-Wedding Corsages - Bridal Party Boutonnieres Ceremony

Areas to Use Flowers With The Reception (Your florist will have this list).

Table Settings for rehearsal night Plants or Shrubs as special

Thank you. Bride’s mother and step-mother, grandmothers, candle lighters, godmothers, Groom’s mother, step-mother.

Guest book attendant, personal assistant or coordinator, readers, soloists, special friend. Flower spray or ribbon on the pen at the guest book.

Hair wreaths, Bride’s Bouquet, bridal toss bouquet and a going-away corsage. Groom, best man, and groomsmen boutonnieres. Maid of Honor, Bridesmaid’s Flower Girl(s), Ring bearer’s boutonnieres, Usher’s boutonnieres, Bride’s father, Groom’s Father, Step-fathers, Bride’s grandfather, Groom’s grandfather, Guest book attendant, readers, soloists. UNIQUE flowers for the carriage, horse or car and driver. Petals to throw during the ceremony by the clergy as the couple is announced, man and wife. Petals for the flower girl /aisle runner, altar décor or sprays. Arch decorations, if outdoors. Candelabras, sprays & ivy. Pew aisle flowers. Bowers or entrance to the ceremony area. Food trays decorated or edible, flowers on the plates, flowers on the cake. Cake knives and cake table. Head table with floral centerpieces or herb garlands. The place card table, gift table, and the restrooms. Toasting glasses.

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