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Tips On Attending A Bridal Show

Many brides to find it beneficial to attend one or more bridal shows. Why ???

It assists you in creating a budget,  you become aware of new styles and creative ideas, you learn about venue pricing and availability, the various packages the wedding and party services offer,  plus gain publications that assist you in planning.  You can sign up for many of the booth prizes and the show's grand prize.

We do suggest you take out a separate email address for your wedding shows. You can check into to this while planning the

big day and then discard it after the wedding. This way your personal email does not get bogged down.

1. Go with your camera or smartphone to record ideas you like. If you can't take a photo, you can message yourself the info.

2. Best to attend a show in the same region you plan to be married to access the costs.

3. Bring a friend(s) family and the groom to gain information.

4. Shape up your budget by asking costs for various packages offered.

5. Wear low heels and comfortable shoes.

6. Bring a fold-up shopping bag in your purse - in case the show producer does not have one. You really need something to carry the brochures and cards in.

7. Create peel labels to quickly stick on the booth entry drawings. Should have your name, approx. wedding date, e-mail, and phone number.

8. Be certain to fill out the booth drawings with your sticker - you might win something that can really offset your budget and gain a professional party service.

9. Always ask at the registration, if you must be present to win the prizes. When do they announce these prizes?

10. Register ahead online at the bridal show website ... when this is possible.

11. No question is a stupid question. Always ask what you are concerned about.

12. Some wedding services will hold to their bridal show price - if you set the appointment while you are at their booth.

13. When you go to the interview appointments take our set of questions to interview the service. You will find guideline questions that help you form your decision on whom to hire in our "Wedding Manifesto Planning Book."

14. Often purchasing the tickets ahead gives you a reduction in cost and sometimes if you bring the groom, he comes in free. Always look for the "deals or special prizes" offered for early sign-ups.

15. Breeze through the show twice, to meet back & ask questions with vendors you are really interested in.

PS:  Do not be surprised that you are not immediately called back on Monday.  Understand wedding vendors  and services  plus many event locations are closed on Mondays and some Tuesdays.  They work Saturday's & Sundays.

We have linked bridal show producer websites that have been in business for years  on this link ...