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12 Tips To Save Money On Wedding Planning

“Saving a dollar is earning a dollar.” We’ve seen these tips work for a number of couples with no explanation to anyone.

1. Renting or borrowing a wedding gown

2. Mid-week wedding locations and services may cost less

3. Limiting your invited guest list

4. A reception with champagne, cake or punch and not a full meal

5. Smaller group of attendants

6. Picnic rehearsal dinners at parks, with BBQ’s, in backyards

7. Use more greenery with your flowers

8. Making your favors or don’t give any

9. When serving a meal, do a sit-down and not a buffet, also a brunch can save funds, as well

10. Serve champagne for one toast and not continually

11. Save interest, don’t put anything on credit

12. Find a tux rental who offers “groom's tux free” with 4 or 6 other rentals

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