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Tips On Lowering Wedding Stress

by Judith Rivers-Moore, The WeddingLinks Coach

So, what’s so stressful about planning a wedding? Just fit it into your normal relaxed day and forget about going to work for awhile and take your time. HA!!!!  We know you are adding this to your normal busy life and often it is identifying what causes the stress and effectively managing -- that counts. Generally, when we are uptight, we often forget to breathe. Fill your lungs repeatedly, several times a day, with big deep breaths of fresh air, no office, city street or winter house-heated air, but fresh air. You will find the exhale will relax you. Exercise daily, stretching, walks, gyms, whatever you enjoy most will lower stress levels and you will sleep better.

Below, are the 5 most stressful issues brides complain about along with helpful suggestions to combat and lower them:

No time to complete the plan with an already hectic day = rushing

Helpful Hint: Look at your schedule an drop what scheduled and routines are not important. Use your commute time to listen to an audiobook or music and if on a bus or train, read your wedding planning books. Your laptop and cell phone can be a great help also.

Not enough money to do things they way they want = blocked goals

Helpful Hint: Saving ahead, looking for alternative ideas and articles on money saving will give you ideas. Read the rest of our articles & Q&A

Decision after decision to make = insecure about making decisions

Helpful Hint: Focus on the outcome you want when making your selections. If you go through a doubtful situation, write it down and place the positives and negatives down, then the solutions will come. Once on paper, you can go back and review it instead of letting it run around in your mind – creating doubt and worry. It also helps to set a calendar date for completing a decision.  With vendor selection, we suggest selecting no more than three to interview and (set that calendar date) to determine which one you want to contract with. 

Relationships dissolving = feelings of failure

Helpful Hint: Relationships take time and focus. When we focus only on the wedding other people’s reactions and responses may not be as supportive. You do need people to count on and with good energy. Whether, friend, family or finance, it is not about controlling them, it is about motivating them.  Your fiance can get very tired of the wedding talk. Resolve to discuss the wedding plans at a specific time with him and not over worry every decision. 

Appearance = trying to diet extremely and pull into your life the extra beauty concerns.

Helpful Hint: Brides really do want to glow on their wedding day. Many ladies by seventeen know their best hair, makeup, neckline, and colors. If you don’t know these,  study and investigate how each can be improved. If you believe you need to lose weight, do this under a doctor’s care and slowly. 

This is often where ladies expect too much weight to come off... in too short a time. It is extremely stressful and a highly focused project. By getting into the groove on all of these in advance of your wedding day, you will look and feel the very best.

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