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Questions For The Jewelers Regarding Engagement & Wedding Rings

by Judith Rivers-Moore, The WeddingLinks Coach

Finding the right jeweler where you select your engagement and wedding rings may be a little different than a few years ago. There are several elements to consider prior to finding a quality jeweler. Store history, years in business, look for "complaints against" on Google and gain referrals from a friend. BELOW are part of the questions that all add up to finding a "good business reputation". They are all part of your beginning to build trust with your jeweler.

What Do They Cost? Prices range from $200 for a zircon to $10,000 and beyond. Take a good look at your earnings and your budget. If planning a wedding - attempt to pay off the rings prior to making deposits on your wedding day celebration. Buy what you can afford.

Ask Your Intended What She Would Like:

Diamonds come in different shapes, quality of stone and set in different metals.  Preferred styles - review some websites or the videos on the right ... to see what you like. Preference to metals - white or yellow gold or rose gold, platinum, silver, cobalt, titanium, stainless steel, tungsten or palladium. Each looks best against specific skin tones or set off a diamond well. Some work great for engraving. Some people have metal allergies.

  • Do you want an individually styled ring by a craftsman?
  • Do you want a vintage style, modern, stones, no stones, matching set of his & her rings?
  • Some brides do not like two rings - they may just want one on their hand.

When you decide to SURPRISE your lady with an engagement ring, it helps to begin with a reputable jeweler who can help you select and offers the option of bringing the ring back in for exchange....and for re-sizing. (Personally, I love hearts; buy them, wear them and many have given me heart pendants and pins. My sweetheart purchased the perfect heart shaped stone and ring for my engagement ring. It was a gorgeous set - but I am a writer and no matter how hard I tried to type with it on, it got in my way. I knew if I took it off and laid it down - it would eventually get lost, so we returned it for one ring that perches beautifully on my hand at all times.

You want to shop for jewelers:

  • With ten or more years in business.
  • Repair Services, diamond cutting, 
  • Great selection of various price points and sometimes
  • A layaway plan or payment plan, top reputation 
  • Longevity in the business.
  • That have good reviews.  Preview their recent reviews

If interested in a specific style maker, search The Web To Find A Local Jeweler that carries a specific stone or jewelry maker like: 

  • Hearts on Fire, 
  • Helzberg, 
  • Tacori, 
  • Verraigo
  • Ritani

I could write three thousand more words about rings, but the videos will give you great insight and knowledge prior to your shopping. 

Best Wishes

Copyright JR Publications, August 2017