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Tips On Planning A Honeymoon

by Judith Rivers-Moore, The WeddingLinks Coach

For many couples finding the time to plan a wedding is one thing, but finding the time to get away for a week or two on a honeymoon can be difficult for many. Thank goodness we do not have to stick with the same norms as generations past. Things have changed and the traditions have too. Years past the gentleman planned the honeymoon and kept it a secret. Now the bride and groom often decide where they will go together. We suggest to couples with opposite ideas on honeymoons is to save the 2nd idea for their first-anniversary trip or for their fifth.

We used to leave on the honeymoon the moment the reception was over. We see couples leave a few weeks or months later for their honeymoon. Sometimes couples go for a 3 or 4-day getaway and plan their honeymoon later,[ a mini-moon].

With a honeymoon, we suggest a romantic location as the first requirement plus safety and health as the next two requirements for any trip.

We find couples often seek three different things:

  • Adventurous locations for unique experiences
  • A place to relax, eat, dance, enjoy sports, beach, and sun
  • A cruise ship or resort so they do not have to pack and un-pack
  • Sports oriented to your favorite environment
The favored key-terms to look for are
  • All - Inclusive Luxury Resorts [ meals, rooms, drinks entertainment and sports] no wallets/purses Cruise Lines [ a little less privacy unless you get a balcony or suite ] Unique experience trips or exotic travel [ adventure, new things to see and do, new foods, history, different methods of travel, learning about a different culture]
  • These are your first things to decide:
  • The climate you want to experience
  • When you want to go
  • Where you want to go
  • Will you require passports or are there special requirements
  • What ingredients do you want in the trip:
  • Spas, great food and wines, tours, snow or water sports, entertainment
  • Total privacy, tours, life experiences, excitement, time to relax, treated like royalty
  • Major hotels, resorts, boutique hotels or inns and maybe the B & B route
  • Do you want to include air flights, car rentals, trains, caravans, shuttles?

If you are both putting this together - write down on separate pieces of paper - your dream trip and compare notes - one of you may have dreamed of seeing the crown jewels in London and the other always wanted to ski the Alps - a stop over in London can having you doing both in the winter. How to find out what is available:

  • Go to a local travel agent that specializes in honeymoons. 
  • Search on our to find inspiring honeymoon locations in various countries and the favorites in the USA.
  • Spend time on the internet on various websites
  • Book through an online website that offers discounts and gives no personal input
  • With all of these choices available, you and your future spouse need to spend some time deciding what you most want from your honeymoon. Sitting down with a stack of travel brochures will be almost as much fun as the trip itself. Make the right choice, and you'll create a most memorable experience.