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Couples Wedding Work Sheet

Use this sheet to determine how each of you views the wedding planning.

Having the wedding of your dreams can include both your ideas.

Print one for the bride to fill out and one for the groom.

For years the attitude of the bride stating exactly what she wants for the wedding was a tradition. In “Today’s World”, couples decide together on where, how, budget, style of wedding they desire. Many couples pay for their entire or a large part of the wedding celebration. The internet makes ideas, concepts available to men and women alike. 

Some men really do think about their wedding day, while others do not have a clue what it can entail so have not formed any opinions. Please make a copy of this form for each of you to place your responses.  Discuss openly your questions and responses. There are no right or wrong questions, they are meant to open dialogue, giving you both an understanding of where opinions come from. Circle your answer(s):

The term wedding means:  wedding ceremony and wedding reception

  • I have attended this number of weddings: 1  2  3    5    7    9    12    15   more
  • I have helped or been in this number of weddings:    1      3     5      7      9 
  • I   enjoyed 
  • I    hated 
  • Describe the wedding that meant the most to you and why:

  • I think our guest list should include: everyone we know, close family friends, just the two of us,
  • I think the size of our wedding should be:   2   10   25   35   75   100   125   200   225   300   375   500
  • I believe our wedding:   should include children no children with a babysitter/nanny at reception
  • I would like:  a religious ceremony: yes no To use ethnic traditions: music, food, attire
  • I would like:  a traditional wedding, theme wedding, garden wedding, evening wedding, run away,
  • non-traditional destination wedding, wedding in our city, formal wedding, informal wedding,
  • We should have our wedding in:   6 months,   1 year,    18 months,    2 years           when we can afford it
  • We should: have help from:   parents,   save for it,  use a credit card do it all
  • I would like:  a small ceremony,  a large ceremony,  a large reception,  several receptions in various areas
  • I would like this type of music at the reception:   DJs,  small live band,  classical trio, 
  •  Answer The Following:                              Things I have seen at weddings or preparations I do NOT like



Things I have seen at weddings or preparations I DO like



Ways I see myself assisting with the wedding preparations



I believe final decisions on the wedding should be made:    together,  by the bride,   by the groom

I have _____________Funds toward the_______ funding      Hours To Devote To the ________ planning.

I see myself as the: planner, the coach, team member, funder, pick up the slack last week person,

the budget watcher, researcher, decision maker, idea person, the detail person, appointment maker

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