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Day Of Wedding TimeLine

Being your own coordinator is not what we recommend. Everyone running up to you and asking where items are plus keeping everything on track is complicated. This is your special day -- extra help is needed.  Give a print out of this sheet to your appointed coordinator and go over it step by step with your answers.  This can be the guideline you and they need to relieve the stress of the wedding day.

Finish your packing the night before with room to add your makeup and hair items at the last minute. Have your credit cards, I.D., medications, purse, passports/visa, honeymoon tickets, camera etc. ready. This should be a “locked bag”.

Keep your vendor services and attendant contact phone lists, contracts, envelopes with tips/payment envelopes and unique event papers, in a white binder with pockets -- ready to bring this with you. You will need your cell phone and bottled water also.

Important to begin the ceremony on-time or it throws all the professional services into overtime fees -- raising the cost of the wedding day and experiencing last minute charges. While the maid/matron of honor could be your choice to take on this task, another assistant or family member you trust will lift the burdens off of an already busy person.  The hotel or event site manager will generally not adhere to the list.  If they are the official wedding planner, they will handle some of it. 

Important to review the  "Delegate TO List" below.  PRE - DELEGATE THESE CONCERNS IN ADVANCE OF THE WEDDING DAY

From your bridesmaids and groomsmen, ask for their help ahead of time on these items.

♦ Ceremony and reception timelines are important to understand your hiring time of vendors and for the process of going through the rehearsal. Do these ahead with the clergy, the caterer or coordinator and photographer/video. All vendors and one or two attendants require this timeline if you have no coordinator for the day

♦ Someone to open up the reception room for decoration, florist, cake and party rental and food deliveries, caterers, etc

♦ One of the attendants to keep the time-line for your day and advise you when you must move on to the next sequence

♦ Someone to tape cards, watch over any gifts that are brought to ceremony and transport them to the reception hall. Mark and tape cards with a continued watchful eye for safety of gifts

♦ Ask the person you delegate for the “changing room clean-up” to give everyone bags with names for their personal items -- they will make certain all items are in these before you form the processional line.  Lock the dressing room

♦ Takes the flowers from the ceremony to the reception site quickly after the ceremony.

♦ Is cleaning up and taking items from the dressing area to the reception or home for the couple after the reception.

♦ Is in charge of taping cards on the gifts, safety and their transportation to the reception and then later to the address for locked up safe keeping

♦ Will check the figures on the final bill (if any) and pays for it. [this could be the couple, father, mother etc.] Who hands out the tips and envelopes?

♦ Is in charge of the children and their entertainment or safety at the event

♦ Tux returns -- who is in charge of getting them back to the correct shop in time

♦ Bridal Dress -- who is in charge of getting this to cleaner asap -- because stains set in

♦ Left-overs -- who gets them

♦ Who is in charge of clean-up and what is the Site Manager and Janitor names -- what is your group responsible for to get your deposit back?

♦ Clean-up time and lock-up of reception site -- who is responsible?


Honeymoon Tip -- bring a daily gift for your sweetheart in your suitcase

Write in YOUR Specific Goal Times for the Day

________Time to Get Up


 _______Be at Ceremony Site  

________Photographer Arrives

 _______Ceremony Begins 

_______Reception Begins

PRE-CEREMONY TIMELINE -- Write in YOUR times on the printed form

________ Breakfast -- high protein and liquids

________ Shower/clean-up time

________ Pre Wedding Appointment for Hair and Make-up onsite or -- their business address

________ Limo arrives or transportation to the ceremony site { review the timing it takes ahead }

UDepending on whether you get ready at home or go to the ceremony site to get ready.

________ Arrive at Ceremony Site to get ready/dress/make-up -- two hours ahead. Dress only is one hour.

________ Arrive to begin the Ceremony -- fifteen minutes ahead

________ Flowers -- bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres are handed out to families/attendants


________ Guest Book is set up and attended -- hands out wedding programs [ if available ]

________ Groomsmen begin seating guests

________ Photographer and/or Videographer arrive for pre-photos

________ Parents/Families/Attendants should be on/site for any pre-photos

________ Music Begins

________ Candle Lighting

________ Mothers are seated

________ Processional is formed and Flower Girl/Ring Bearer go down the aisle

________ Ceremony time/minutes ______________

________ Recess down the center aisle with the bride-groom -- maid of honor/best man -- attendants and finally the flower girl and the ring bearer

________ The attendants go back down the sides to empty the guests onto the center aisle. One aisle at a

time -- moving from the front of the ceremony area to the back row.

_________A formal receiving line may be formed just outside of the ceremony area for the guests to pass

through or at the reception area.

_________Signing of the marriage certificate with the official/clergy and your best man/ and maid of honor.

_________Photo Sessions and Portraiture -- families and attendants are pre-advised to be at a specific area.

_________Drive time between the Ceremony and Reception Sites -- if any


_________A formal receiving line may be formed at this time or none. When none, it is a nice gesture for the bride and groom to go from table to table to greet their guests after they have finished their meal.

_________Guests arrive at the reception at various times -- it is wise to provide refreshments until the couple arrives, this can be accompanied by music. Couples also enjoy having guests in one room for this and upon arrival, the main dining area is opened with the formed reception line inside the door. If this is chosen, all involved in this receiving line must be there by _________

_________Reception begins with Introduction of the Couple by the MC, band leader or disc jockey. 

_________Sometimes a welcoming toast is given by the best man

_________Lunch/Tea/Dinner is served to the couple first or they lead the line in the buffet

_________After eating the couple may refresh their appearance, do photographs, greet guests

_________Attendants re-group at the head table, champagne or liquid refreshments are served and the toasting begins. Toasting goblets for the couple are important here.

_________The couple takes the floor for the first dance. The father/daughter, then the groom/mother, then the attendants while the bride dances with father of the groom and groom dance with the mother of the brideThe wedding attendants begin the dance together, and then bring their personal guests onto the floor and all guests are invited up to join in.

_________Cake cutting -- you require a trained person for this and cake knives, plates, forks, napkins

_________Bouquet tossing

_________Garter fun

_________Couple gathers their items to leave the reception

_________Couple leaves the gathering __________calculate airport time


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