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   Print Management Lists Below To Complete The Wedding & Reception

Communication Info

Use this for the wedding vendor list and also your 

wedding team's list

Place this info in your smartphone. 

Share this list with each of your wedding team.




Cell: _____________________________________________________

give this copy to each manager, so they can communicate.  Texting,

 emails and calls are helpful for late people or calling the reception area team.


Bride’s Personal Assistant

May require the keys to open up wedding site. Copy of the site rules.

This is often the position for the wedding coordinator or location’s wedding hostess and can be a member of your wedding team or the maid of honor and bridesmaids to fulfill.

  • Be with the bride early to assist her in getting dressed at home or location
  • Make certain the bottoms of her shoes are scored or sanded so she does not slip

Assist the bride getting dressed and down the aisle on time

  • Making certain she drinks more water and less alcohol to keep her hydrated
  • Helping with hair and make-up (if a professional is not on hand)
  • Helping her with final touches and traditions (her veil if wearing one and jewelry)
  • Equipping the bride with traditional items
  • Lining up the bridesmaids and wedding processional
  • Moving people out of the dressing area if she is running behind schedule
  • When arriving by car – making certain her dress and train do not get dirty (if raining have an umbrella)
  • Assisting her with the bathroom prior to the ceremony and later as needed
  • Maintenance of the dressing area making certain each person's items are placed in individual bags (named) and locked up during the ceremony
  • Give these bags to the individuals when ready to move to the reception area. If any are left make certain they are transported to the reception
  • Access to the bride’s emergency kit (for anyone who needs it – and brings this to the reception)
  • After the ceremony assistance:
  • After eating help the bride refresh her makeup
  • Assist her in the bathroom
  • Later make certain she has all items together to leave on the honeymoon or hotel



We do not know what emergency or situation we will have at the site.

Carry a plastic equipment box or large bag with the following:

First aid cream, band-aids, smelling salts, aspirin/non-aspirin, breath freshener, Tums, threads, needles, white shoe polish, nylons, men’s black socks, extra set of cufflinks, Kleenex

safety pins, nylons, hairspray, extra makeup, bobby pins, spot remover, deodorant, hair combs, brushes, Tampax/napkins, wine opener, screwdriver, electric tape, extra extension cord [heavy duty]

3 large white sheets in case the floors are dirty, or something must be covered.  Florist wire, needle-nose-pliers and florist tape, Scotch Tape, extra long white candles, matches, wedding music CD or tape, 2 flashlights, clothes brush, nice writing pens and extra guest book, extra set of nice wine glasses, [ 2 ) 35mm instant cameras, 10 small white envelopes, cake cutting knife and server.

The Wedding Planner's  cell phone, make-up kit and hair items… fresh dress to wear during the wedding.

Enough brown paper bags, marked with the names of the bridesmaids. They place their personal items in these bags.  They are locked up during the wedding and reception and later given to the bridesmaids.  Make one for the bride also if she is changing at the location.

.name on shopping bags for attendants to pack up their clothes/shoes/etc. or for gifts to go home in. 


Set Up Dynamics

  • There are a number of concerns you may want to be completed by your wedding team.
  • It is less confusing if individually they are focused on one or two specific parts of the wedding day.
  • A great deal depends on how much time you have for set-up.
  • Because some locations do not allow much time to set up, your wedding team may need to be: larger, more spread out than one location, active throughout the day
  • You may need two to five people moving quickly in each area of the wedding. Two things determine this:
  • the period of time you are given by the site to set up the area
  • the number of guests to set up for – the larger the event the more you will need in the reception setup area.

Other Areas To Put Your Wedding Team To Work

Pre-wedding concerns: washing the cars for mothers and possibly the bride, pickups of items and delivery to the site where needed, ice, receiving of rental items at the location, any special setup of the rehearsal dinner site, pick up of tuxedos, shopping bags for the attendants personal items (if dressing at the location)

Clean-up: you may need some of your Wedding Team here, if the location does not have a janitor. There will still be directions and a list of where things are to be taken and who will pick things up. The caterer generally will clean up the kitchen, but that has to be assured in the contract.

Who Receives These? If you have a Day Of Coordinator, please go over this with her.

  • Flowers
  • Extra Food
  • Cake top to freeze or left over desserts
  • The reception room-set-up box
  • Unique items – linens, props, decor
  • Transport of gifts and address they go to
  • Reception table centerpieces


Reception Area Set Up

  • Last Minute Box Items for Proper Reception Set-up:
  • Must have bride’s drawing of the room set up and keys
  • Matches or lighter, cake cutting, toasting glasses, candles, table decors, favors, I-pod or cd music, (emergency) drawing of the room, drawing of the table setup, drawing of the cake table set up any unique cloths not arriving with the party rentals, writing pens for guest book, flashlight, fire extinguisher, plastic wrap, a few paper plates and clean up LIST.
  • Setup of the Reception Room
  • Copy of the site rules.
  • Bride’s Manager of the Reception Area requires keys to let the reception vendors in:
  • party rentals, cake, caterer, ice, florist, plants, decorator, the wedding team, etc.
  • Clean up and set up the room (some locations leave areas un-clean)
  • Following the bride’s diagram/illustration of the room design and table setting
  • Linens for the:
  • cake table (because the cake person delivers to set the cake up)
  • then the head table ( because florist may be responsible to decorate)
  • the food serving tables set up with linens (unless the caterer is responsible)
  • the guest tables with linens (on tables place flowers and decorations)
  • the set tableware, glassware and finally chairs
  • the gift table(s) can be placed in a separate, visible area at the back of the room and away from the exit, bathrooms, or kitchen entrances for safety
  • Finally, any other items required for the dinner tables:
  • dinner menus, votives, rose petals, favors, wine bottles, etc.
  • Review the room for boxes or items to be put away out of sight. Set up any receiving line area items or screens, plants, etc. When flowers arrive from the wedding ceremony, place them in pre- designated areas (from bride’s diagram).

Reception Emergency Box:

  • Corkscrews, tubs for iced items, bug spray or candles, (rain or winter coathangers), tapes, thumbtacks, 2 or 3 heavy duty extension cords (long), children’s play area items & toys, any diaper changing set up area, decoration or bouquet for women’s bathroom, tissues,
  • Reception Area Review
  • restrooms are equipped and working
  • knowledge of where the lighting, heating and air conditioning are
  • caterer’s concerns are not really your responsibility unless by prearranged agreement.)
  • clear any stage mess if being used
  • someone must be available to let in DJ or band setup
  • Reception Area Manager
  • Keep all animals and small children out of the kitchen and cake areas. If you are leaving to go to the wedding ceremony, lock all doors, etc. and get back immediately after the ceremony.



Box of supplies for the Ceremony Area

Copy of drawing of how the ceremony area should be set up. Copy of site rules.

Any specialty cloth for the area. (most sites will not let you use thumbtacks nor nails).

Different types of tapes, masking, scotch, 2-sided, candles, matches, unity candle, aisle, scissors, garden clips and a wire cutter, ribbons or bows and method – tape-hooks-- to do this if asked), guest book, pen, table for these, method to close off center aisle to guests, (only if there are other aisles to seat guests). May need reading lectern, special cloth, arbors placed, religious items placed, (coat hangers and stand plus umbrella stands for bad weather.)

Understand – if snowing, someone must clear the snow into the location(s).

Bride’s Manager of the Ceremony Area requires keys to get in

Set up time is according to when you can get in. You may need 3 or 4 people to do this in a short amount of time or have a leisure several hours. You need the Bride’s drawing for this.

Cleanup and setup of the area including: (some locations are left unclean)

  • candelabra with candles ready to be lit
  • any religious items
  • arches, aisle decorations or bows
  • microphone audio checks
  • lighting checks
  • banners or room décor
  • flowers set in place

aisle runner down and at the last minute rose petals strewn – if used

rope off the aisle the bride walks down from the guest’s use (there must beside aisles to walk down to set up this formality)

when wedding processional enter from the side or lawn, a decision on your formal processional path will need to be made.

Setup of the Ceremony Guest Entry

Place wedding programs at entry with the guest book and pens to sign plus and any other items for this area. We often see an engagement photo, flowers, and decorations. (Guest book should be brought to the reception and set up again.).

Appoint someone to arrive 60 minutes ahead of the guests and direct all the attendants and guests toward signing the guest book.

If guests bring presents, the attendants can tape the card to the gift and place all in a safe area or locked closet to be transported later to reception or home.

Ten minutes prior to the start of the wedding professional, the ushering groomsmen take their place with the groom leaving the late arrival guests to find their own seating unless you have an extra man who is willing to stand and direct the late guests.

After the ceremony

Clear the focal area of bride’s items.

Take off any aisle ribbons etc and remove the decorative items from the area packing them and transporting to where bride has requested

All flowers from the wedding ceremony can be transported to the reception area (unless otherwise designated). Sometimes with churches, alter flowers are left for the next day service as a gift of thanks.