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Name Change Necessities

by Judith Rivers-Moore, The WeddingLinks Coach

The day you are married, a small amount of time will be set aside to sign the state marriage certificate, with the groom, officiate, two witnesses [ the maid of honor and best man]. On the first business day after your ceremony, request that the clergy/officiate take theTh license and photo copies the license.  It must be certified by the officiant (or best friend who marries you.  This is taken to the post office counter and it must be mailed "certified, return-receipt requested" to the county court clerk that issued the license.  

After returning from your honeymoon, there will be a long list of forms you must do to complete your name change. You may choose to keep many of the monetary ones in your own name to maintain your individual credit history.  


You passport, travel visa, credit cards, drivers license & ID for your honeymoon may be in your former name. 

Please bring a copy of your marriage certificate with your new name on it.

Government Agencies

♦ Social Security Card -- State SSC office

♦ Driver’s License -- County Bureau

♦ Passport and/or Visa -- Post Office

♦ IRS Change of Address -- Tax Preparation or CPA

♦ W-2/IRS Documents [ may also change number of dependents ] --where you work

♦ Voters Registration -- re-register prior to elections

Banking & Financial Records

♦ Bank - Checking, Savings Accounts Lockbox, MoneyMarket, etc.

♦ Investment/Stock Plans, Retirement Plans (401k, Keogh, IRA, etc.)

♦ Vehicle Loan / Lease

♦ Home Mortgages

♦ Credit Cards

♦ Department Store Accounts

Personal Records

♦ Reward Programs (Frequent Flyer / Stayer Programs)

♦ Vehicle Title

♦ Insurance Policies: Life, Auto, Health, Property (Also you may want to change the inheritor of your insurance policy or will.)

♦ Title Records

♦ County Property Tax Records

♦ Accountant, Attorney, Financial Planner, Insurance Agent

♦ Wills -- complete a Trust

♦ Employment Records

♦ Student ID

♦ Academic Institutions

♦ Military Documents

♦ Medical Records - Doctor, Dentist, Pharmacist, Chiropractor, Veterinarian


♦ Post Office, Change of Address or P.O. Box

♦ Homeowners' Association

♦ Landlord

♦ Home Security Company

♦ Phone Company

♦ Utilities: Electricity, Gas, Cable, Internet, Water, Garbage

♦ friends and family

♦ Cell phone, pager

♦ Newspaper subscription

♦ Magazine subscriptions

♦ School(s), if you have children

Memberships and Organizations

♦ Church, Charities

♦ Alumni Organizations

♦ Libraries

♦ Video Rental Service

♦ Health Club, Country Club, other Social Clubs

♦ Professional Associations


You may gain pre-printed names and address change cards from the U.S. Post Office. 

Or you can create the following letter with Name (and Address) Change Request.


I would appreciate your changing my records as I have recently married.


Your Current Records:

NAME ________________________________________

Account Number ________________________________

Address ____________________________________

City _________________________________ State _______ Zip ________


NAME ________________________________________

Address _______________________________________

City _________________________________ State _______ Zip ________


__________________________________ ____________________________

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