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Percentage Budget - Approximate Planning

A percentage budget is not as accurate as a line item budget,  (which we also offer you links to), but it shows the bride and groom where

the burden of costs are and where they spend fewer funds. Unspent funds can be applied to another area

or add something they really want. The illustration shows a small budget,  and there is honeymoon included.

Sample of a $20,000 budget - 125 people   Small Budget  With Averages for Wedding Amount

45%      Location, Food and Wines/Beverages/cake [$9,000 + $6,000 food] or in reverse [$5,000 site $10,000 food]

05%      Party Rentals, linens, décor $1,000

03%      Invitations & stamps $ 600

10%      Dress and Accessories $2,000

03%      Tux or free with four usher rentals (some companies) $ 600

15%      Photography and/or Video $3,000

05%      Flowers (all) $1,000

05%      Music $1,000

03%       Clergy $ 600

94%      Total $18,800

plus   17.5% tips and tax

Example above shows a $6,000 food bill for 125 people at $35 per plate, $7 for beverages/wine, with  17.5% tip and tax.

Sometimes the couple’s costs for an item will be covered with a gift or contribution. Common areas for possible gifting a service:

  • Honeymoon gift registry Gifts from parents 
  • Wines/beverages Gifts from Uncle Harry
  • Rehearsal Dinner
  • Transportation
  • Catering, Flowers, Limo etc.
  • Any area of the wedding that is donated, it will leave you that percentage of your funds to place in other parts of the wedding.   Taxes and tips can add up on these bills and the couple has to include these in the costs. Not to mention, personal grooming, marriage license, wedding planner, gown or bouquet preservation, honeymoon and garments, additional wines or specific parties, the rehearsal dinner (who is responsible for this fee), gifts for bride and groom and attendants, plus transportation and gratuity,

TIP:  When areas of the wedding are donated, you must consider that the service is paid as a gift, but the cost of the food, the flowers ordered, the limo tip is not donated to your gift.  Always get a contract with a donated service outlining your specific requests and with date & time outlined. Both sign the agreement, and keep your copy.  

TIP:  Always stay in touch with anyone you have contracted with to confirm the date/time/ and expectations of the service.  

Honeymoon Tips  All Passports & Visas must be in your hands 2 to 3 months in advance of your trip.  Check our honeymoon page to gain this info.

We recommend couples have $1,500 to $2,000 on their credit cards for tips, alcohol, and purchases, country re-entry costs, etc., on their honeymoons.

Cruises:   Tips, gambling and alcohol bills can add up. 

All inclusive fees are often in locations where there are extra fees in cash required to leave the country.

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